Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup

The 2023 production season is now done and was very comparable to 2022.  All of the pre-orders have been filled and there is plenty of syrup left for sale.  If you would like to order, or would like to be on our email list in general, please email us at: sales@ridgemaple.com

Prices below do not include shipping please contact us for shipping information.  We will deliver for free to towns bordering Hollis, NH or Andover, MA.

Glass Bottles:

Grades: Dark - Robust Taste or Amber - Rich Taste

- 12oz   $13.00

- 1 Pint/16oz   $17.00

- 1 Quart/32oz   $29.00

Plastic Bottles

Dark - Robust Taste

- 1 Quart/32oz    $25.00

Empty glass bottles can be returned to be recycled